sound of my voice
4 September
be a little kinder than you have to
I need to learn how to talk to people properly. To be less aggressive, less sarcastic. It's almost never funny to anyone. I'm the only one enjoying it.
Cause I'm fucking selfish.
And mean.
And I don't have much friends not only because I don't want to (although that's still a thing), but because of those reasons above.
Need to learn to control the things I say.
Need to shut up sometimes.
I'm neither ugly nor stupid. Just very, very mean. That's why nobody likes me.
No one will ever like a person who spits poison while talking.
So be kinder.
Be smarter than this.
And calmer.
C'mon, Ann, it's time to grow up. Time to forgive humanity for everything.
You know how much some words and actions can hurt. You do. So stop trying to hurt people back.
Be better.
And maybe it'll come back to you.



2 years ago

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