sound of my voice
11 September


Каждому дьяволу положен свой ангел, И ты нашла меня на городской свалке, Запачкав девственные крылья пылью, Унесла, ведь я был таким жалким. »
— ЛСП - Канат
3 September
Tomorrow is the first day of school and I got sick. Have a fever. And it's come from 37,7 to 38,1 already.
10 August
10th, 11th & 12th episodes of season 9
I hate and love Doctor Who. HOW DARES THIS SHOW DO THIS TO ME?
Crying. Just silently crying.

UPD: WHAT IS THIS? How can they make it even more emotional, wtf? No way. They reversed it… Damn.

UPD: And that Christmas special. Jesus. Precious.
5 August


Вообще, хотелось бы кончить в вечность, но уже давно Это удалось кому-то, судя по млечному пути»
— ЛСП - Плевок в вечность
13 July
wow, Ann, really?
I'm so fucked up… This is insane.
15 June
finals number whatever already
Exams are passed!
Please, don't kill me.
17 May
I'm having the best time of my life.
Maybe I'll tell you later.
18 April
fucking anxiety or OCD; or both
You know what I'm great at? Coming up with obsessive thoughts. And it doesn't have to be anything sad or bad or anything. It can be something like "I need to drink water". Aaand that's it. I'm done for, until I go and do that. Or something like "I need to know how Agamemnon died exactly" while I'm in a middle of a sentence while reading a book… It honestly drives me crazy.
Usually happens when I'm trying to fall asleep, but not always. Great ability you have there, girl. Keep it up.
3 April
hello, darkness, my old friend
I feel my post-birthday depression coming up. It's rather late this year.
It actually has nothing to do with my birthday, but hey! Whatever. Need to get rid of it. Fast. I have no time for depression.
4 March
only-bad-stuff writer
Have you noticed that when I'm fine I have nothing to write about? I have.
21 January

So, a few days ago I finished all my exams and got only good marks. That's great.
The weather is lovely, I missed sun so much. That's amazing.
I have almost two weeks of rest and I can actually do nothing and be cool about it. That's unbelievable.

Overall? I feel great. Not "constantly happy and smiling like an idiot" great, but great nonetheless. Finally.

1 January

I've had good moments in 2016, but that year was so very hard on me emotionally that, unfortunately, it almost covered all the good I've had. But! Let's try and focus on the bright side for once:
I've had working experience in a book store and I loved it!
I've met Ruslan Usachev, quite a popular YouTuber, while working there.
And some very good people I still keep in touch with.
I got a pet. Degu named Splinter.
I passed exams on my own, again.
Entered the university I've dreamed of for quite some time and now majoring in philology, yas!
I've met a new friend there, Chris, and this woman makes me feel better in a lot of ways.
I also have a fantastic group there, excluding maybe a couple of people. But screw them.
I tried real Korean food (or as close to it as possible) and loved it!
Bought fairy lights I've wanted for a while and pinned them on my wall. Looks beautiful.
Got to see a few really good movies like Fantastic Beasts and Moana.
And, finally, I came home for the first time in a year!
See? I've had my moments. And I hope that 2017 will be full of those beautiful, memorable moments. Mostly I hope I'll regain my mental health and will smile more than cry.

21 December
am I too much of a grown up now? naaaah
Okay, where the hell is my Christmas mood? What the fuck, life?
11 December

It's Christmas alright. For me the whole December is.
Also I got those beautiful fairy lights I've always wanted, so that's amazing.

5 December
for no reason whatsoever
I feel like I'm drowning. Hope it's temporary.